Monday, July 21, 2014

The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast Episode #67 - Public Service Announcement: Malaysia Airlines, NYPD, Dota

On this episode of The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast: Molly and I say happy birthday to my youngest son, Xavier, on his fifth birthday. We apologize for 2 things: 1. Our cats our in rare form today. 2. Not having Madison Kimrey on the show as promised  due to some scheduling issues.  We then discuss the Malaysia Flight MH17 that was shot down from 30,000 feet on Thursday,  killing everyone on board. NYPD is at it again!  Eric Garner, husband of 6 , is dead by the hands of "New York's Finest" after two officers choke him to death which was captured on video for the world to see, supposedly due to "the sale of untaxed cigarettes." And finally,  we try and figure out why video games are being considered a SPORT on ESPN's International Dota 2 Championship. We finish up talking about our very own secret FIFA language!

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