Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast Episode #77 - So He Can't Rock The Black And Tan?

On this episode of the Pennymon Doctrine Podcast: I explain what Labor Day actually is to Molly and any of you who may not know.  A 9 year old girl accidentally uses an uzi for the exact thing it is meant for:  which ends the life of her gun instructor.  "Sons of Guns" star is in trouble for raping his own daughter.  Why is Burger King is now "proudly" partnered and headquarted with Tim Horton's in Canada?  Click Bait continues to deter people from the truth...  We discuss an article which tries to say that ALS is not using the money from the ice bucket challenge for which it was meant to.  OBAMA IS WEARING A TAN SUIT????? Seriously? Did the suit cause the twist of words?  And we finish up discussing the mere obsession that ESPN has with Michael Sam... this time, his shower rituals.

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