Friday, September 26, 2014

The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast Episode #85 - Let's Admit It... It's Because He's Black!

On this episode of The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast:  Molly and I are here on episode 85 for the second time... "why" you ask?  Well, I accidentally deleted the first one.  Molly has literally pied me in the face due to a fantasy football bet that I did not win.  Molly's new favorite dance has been ruined by white golfers.  John Crawford's final moments of life have finally been released on video after the jury ruled to not indict the police officers whom took his final moments.  The Sunday rally in NY brought 400,000 people together to help spread the word on climate change.  Obama is in trouble again, this time for saluting with a "latte" in hand (have we fogotten the disrespect shown by the previous POTUS?), maybe we should have greater concern for the bombs being dropped in the Middle East.  Just a thought.  We finish up discussing 17 terms you just may be saying incorrectly.

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