Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast Episode #79 - Sometimes The Truth Hurts

On this episode of the Pennymon Doctrine Podcast:  Molly is feeling better today, she tells us whats going on with her and why we weren't able to record yesterday.  We then go on to discuss the most recent news in Hollywood - the death of the 81 year old Red Carpet Comedian.  Michael Sams has been picked up by the Dallas Cowboys practice team.  Molly and I have a difference in opinion the in regards to the way I discuss the latest ISIS beheading.  Virginia's own Bob McDonell and wife have been found guilty for nearly all indictments that they were charged with.  Molly and I then have a very nice chat about the latest minimum wage protests and discuss why minimum wage does need to be increased. We finish up with a funny bit about international drinking customs, since we are trying to cut back on drinking ourselves.  

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