Friday, October 17, 2014

The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast Episode #87 - Outbreaks And Breakthroughs

On this episode of The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast:  We're back! We apologize for leaving you without prior notice, just wait until you hear my big "boo boo." Molly and I talk about the Ebola Panic, which has recently struck very very close to home.  Molly gets all "nursey" on us with her personal opinions and ideas on how to progress in regards to the recent diagnosis of 2 nurses caring for the late Mr. Duncan, the Liberian who recently passed in Dallas after traveling from Africa. Madam President is born and raised in Akron, OH, and an acquaintance of Amber Joy Vinson... This one is personal.  We then go on to celebrate decision of the Supreme Court and same sex marriage! Finally, something to be proud of! Congratulations to the LGBT community, as well as humanity in general!

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