Friday, December 5, 2014

The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast Episode #97 - He Still Can't Breathe

On this episode of the Pennymon Doctrine Podcast:  Molly tells us about her adventures on the bus today... don't let this girl navigate. So Elizabeth Lauten resigned after her remarks about Sasha and Malia, and we found out that in fact, Elizabeth had some pretty awful teen years herself! Speaking of Malia Obama, have you seen the controversial photo? So Charles Barkley is NOT the guy to turn to when it comes to black issues... Luckily, Kenny Smith helps us address Chuck on this one. So Eric Garner still can't breathe, and his family will never see justice, as the police officers involved in his homicide will not be tried in front of a jury, Molly and I are furious, and we hope you are, too.  Lastly, a group of Cleveland police officers who were a part of the November 2012 car chase which ended with an unarmed black man and woman being shot over 20 times each, are looking to make financial gain, stating they were treated unfairly due to their race after the incident. What are your thoughts?

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