Just So We're Clear...

Call me what you want.

Call me a leftist, a socialist, a communist, a hippie, arrogant, ignorant or whatever floats your boat. Sticks and stones right. The reason why I bring this up is because we do this thing in America called labeling. Maybe that's what we need to do to justify how ridiculous we act and think sometimes. Regardless, I would like to take the time out, to take the fun out of some of the responses and charges that I know I will soon deal with for the things that I will post and say in the future.

Honestly, I have no political party or specific agenda that I am trying to promote, well, besides trying to make this planet sustainable for the people on it. Will there be things that you agree and disagree with me about? Sure! I will be the first to admit that our individual ideas, thoughts and opinions are a major reason why we are in this mess, but, isn't that what makes a society who and what a society is? A bunch of different ideas, thoughts and opinions that are formed together to make laws, rules and regulations for the greater good? This blog and subsequent podcast, is a place where we can learn about and discuss the things that are happening in our society so we can figure out what needs to be added or taken out to better advance the greater good. Will I offend some of those who feel that they have better ideas? Probably more often than not. I am pretty sure that in the formation of any kind of society, the people who are tasked to figure out how to advance a society for the greater will disagree and maybe outright argue. But, that disagreement has to be there in order to leave out as few people in that greater good as possible.

If making sure that if you work, you are able to take care of yourself, your family and your society is socialism, then I guess I'm a socialist. If saying that in a "free country" woman have the right to decide what they can and can't do to their own bodies is going to send me to hell, then I guess I will burn for eternity. I think you get my point. All I'm saying is that things need to change and real debates about how we are going to progress in this world have to be had. If you feel that you need to call me names because I don't like to read the same books, watch the same talking heads, regurgitate the same talking points and believe in the same God as you, then feel free. I just want it to be clear where I stand and where I am coming from. I am for the greater good for all. Not just the greater good for me!