What Is The Pennymon Doctrine?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary best describes what doctrine means by defining the word as:

"A principle or position or the body of principles in a branch of knowledge or system of belief."

Well... that about sums it up.

I'm just some random guy with a dream, a computer and a microphone. I'm just a guy who wants what a lot of other people want, to be known in this gigantically small world. To have somehow personally made a difference in that world, no matter the implications or even actual impact. Romanticized a bit, sure. But, the idea that ideas from one human can either help the world or help ourselves isn't romantic, it's a quintessential human desire! Basically, I am saying that I feel that it is time for me to begin the quest for that quintessential human desire. Oh, and just so we are all clear, I am on the "help the world" team!

No matter what political ideology or side of the aisle you subscribe to, we are all going through some growing pains. Some, obviously, more than others, but we are all going through it in some way. Some can't find a job, even though they worked tirelessly for 4 or more years to acquire the education they were told they needed to find a job. Some can't find a doctor or a doctor cheap enough to take care of them because they don't have money or insurance to get any better. Some lost everything during the economic crisis. Some are even trying to  move here illegally just to have to ability to have our problems because the problems they face where they currently live are even worse than we care to imagine.

What's worse is that there are some who might get their taxes raised. Some who might have to make sure that their employee's have health insurance. Some who talk the talk about freedom but are willing to take those same rights from other people because they have sex differently. Some who have all the "power" and access to "free speech" who complain about those who are trying to use what little "power" they might actually have to affect some change that we all feel, no matter which side you fall on, we need in some way.

Those were obviously just a few of the issues that we care and debate about. (If you are a 2012 GOP presidential candidate you debate about these issues on every major news network practically every other day!) The problem that we never seem able to resolve is, well, quite frankly, we never resolve any of our problems! We dance and skirt around major issues, while we let those we put in charge to fix those issues tell us what our issues are. We elect a president to bring about change from the course that we felt our nation was headed in and not only is it politics as usual in Washington, we then elect the most obstructive congress' that this country has probably ever had! The people who were trying to form this country had less obstruction.

So where do we go from here?

Most people have given up on the whole system and are just trying to do what they can to survive. I don't blame them. But, the system, or the idea of the system, was created so that you can do just that, do what you can to survive! So, when that system is not allowing you to survive, (I mean truly not able to survive. Not complaining that instead of making a billion dollars, you make a little under a billion dollars now!) you have to reform that very system so that it works not only for you, but for the rest of the people that are subject to that system. I am by no means trying to spark up a communist, socialist, fascist revolution, its quite the contrary. I am trying to spark a mental revolution in the minds of my generation. I am trying to get us ready for when it's our time to take the reigns and run this garbage heap we call a country. I am, from behind the scenes, trying to bring about the prosperity that all Americans dream of and all the politicians campaign on just to acquire it for themselves. 

To achieve this, I am going to write, post and podcast my way into those minds so that when my children are my age and it's time for them to take the reigns, they don't have to start from scratch like it seems that we are going to have to do. They will have a doctrine, my doctrine, The Pennymon Doctrine!