"Gay's have got to be pro-life..."

I'm confused.

I thought that it was the "liberal" type who sip latte's with their gay friends in the middle of the afternoon while talking about politics. Apparently, I am either working way too much, or Ann Coulter is a complete and utter nut job and hypocrite who has no idea what comes out of her mouth.

To her friend Mr. Taylor Garrett. I would like to point out to you what a horrible or in your words, "disarming" friend you have, who would shamelessly plug her book in the middle of  your show. Then associate you with her and her very ignorant and divisive rhetoric. I'm sure she could be a great gal, but she has not shown that side to anyone. With her long list of misguided and hateful quotes, I don't know how you are going to be able to prove that to anyone who takes a second to actually realize what she says. Oh, and I'm sorry but, I also think that you are just trying to get attention with your whole, "I'm from Texas, and I'm a gay republican" bit. I know it's hard to be taken seriously when you are a minority, but allying yourself ideologically with the group who is doing everything in their power to destroy you and your rights is not going to help you or whatever causes you stand for.

For a list of some more wonderfully horrible quotes from this woman, check out this link here:

Ann Coulter - Wikiquote

"Gays have got to be pro-life. As soon as they find the gay gene, guess who the "liberal yuppies" are going to start aborting?"

There are so many frustratingly hypocritical themes in just this one quote, I don't know whether to continue to write this piece or write a book! So I will break it down piece by piece.

Gays have got to be pro-life...

Well Ann, before a "gay" votes on whether the "straights" have the right to have an abortion or not, I think that the "right" should stop blocking their right to get married. The reason why it is so weird that your friend is a gay republican is because the republican party wants nothing to do with your friend's friends. I take that back, they will always take their money, there is no doubt about that.

There are multiple presidential candidates who are willing to ban anything that has to do with gay, minutes after taking office. Gay marriage is only legal in 6 of 50 states. There are right-wing and super religious groups who are willing to shell out millions of dollars in misinformation and lies in order for that to happen. So, how then can you, on national television, while shamelessly plugging your horrible failure of a book, promulgate that your gay friend and his friends be pro-life, while you and your friends won't even allow them to have the ultimate relationship, or even have their type of relationship mentioned in school? Don't worry, I'll wait. I'm sure you would have some hot and spicy comeback for me.

As soon as they find the gay gene...

Who is they and what is this gay gene? This is probably the most incriminating statement a conservative big mouth has ever said. She is insinuating something that conservatives have frowned upon since homosexuality has become a political issue. That people are born gay.

Now, maybe she is trying to be nice to her friend, or mocking him as she shamelessly plugs her horrible book, but she has just shown us her cards: even the craziest of crazy conservative "minds" believes that people are born gay! The problem with this is that, if people are born gay, the issue of them being able to get married is a civil right as they have no choice in what sexual orientation they will become. Therefore, they should be allowed to marry who it is they biologically are attracted to. Ms. Coulter's argument is starting to fall apart.

"They", I'm guessing, is the science community, and the other right-winged boogie man. If the science community is so bad, because they make religion look like what it is, childish, brainwashing, society control, how are they assertive enough to know what the gay gene is, let alone find it? And if they do have the minds and the resources to find the DNA code that allows someone to be gay, why don't we give them the resources to end diseases or find other human anomalies? That's because if we did that then Ann wouldn't have a pulpit to spew her incendiary comments from, and the world would be her biggest nightmare, it would be liberal!

Guess who all the liberal yuppies are going to start aborting...

If I knew either of my sons would be gay, I would be happy that I would be having a healthy baby boys. If Rick Santorum knew that his daughter was going to not only have the genetic disorder Trisomy 18, but was also going to be gay, he probably would have aborted her, and if he didn't do that, he sure wouldn't let her have the rights to do anything!

That may have been a low blow, but so is anything that comes out of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter's mouth almost everyday and they make their careers off of it. Where does this woman get off talking about what the "liberal yuppies" would do, when she says things like: "A cruise missile is more important than Head Start."

Liberals have been on the front lines to getting gay's the same rights as the rest of society. Liberals have been on the front lines to stopping anti-gay bullying that is also killing our children. Why would she think that "liberal yuppies" would start aborting our gay children? If anything, if "they" could find the gay gene it would be the conservatives who would do a Mitt Romney flip-flop and change stances on the issue in order to not have a gay child themselves!

Let me make this abundantly clear, most people who are pro-choice are just as pro-life as the pro-life people clam to be, including myself. But, I feel that it should be the right of the woman who is going to have to carry, care for, and financially maintain that child, what it is she would like to do. Sure, there are other avenues such as adaption or family members, but some women do not have that choice or opportunity, especially in the case of rape or incest.

Conservatives are so quick to talk about individual freedom and individual rights, but when they have a chance to practice what they preach, they always contradict everything they believe about everything else. But maybe, I am being to harsh, or even making Ann Coulter bigger than who she actually is. I mean who would listen to a woman about what side of abortion gays should be on when she has said:

"It would be a much better country if women did not vote. It's a simple fact."

And liberals are the ones who hate this country according to her.