Jan Brewer Is A Crazy Liar, But This Is What She Is Trying To Do

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I'm sure by now you have either seen, heard, or read about the "heated confrontation" between Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and President Obama. Honestly, I don't believe that the situation was as heated as all the media outlets are letting on, including Gov. Brewer's account. Even if the situation was playing out to everyone's imagination, there are a few things that are driving me slightly bonkers.

What is it with people who feel the need to shamelessly promote books that no one wants to read?

No one wanted to read her book. I was bored reading her Wikipedia page to be frank. The only thing that would be worth finding out about is how she thought that such an Orwellian law would help the economy and safety of her state. I know and understand how people feel about border security, and if you paid attention to the Presidents speech a few nights ago, he explained how his administration has put more border patrol on the border then ever before. Although this isn't the "magic gate" that some wish or demand for, it is an attempt to show Arizona, the country and even Mexico, that something is being done.

With that said, it is disrespectful to the President, embarrassing to the state, and reprehensible for the office of Governor, that she would use such a low tactic to not only make a campaign photo op, but promote and sell more copies of her book. The Governor of Arizona goes on the list of shameless promoters of books along with Ann Coulter.

This is the same person who couldn't even remember her own opening statement...

I have a hard time believing her recollection of the confrontation as well as the recollection of what was said in the excerpt of her book. She said that the book was "a straight forward and honest recollection of the events that took place," but in 2010, when she visited the white house, her explanation of the days events right after the events took place are quite different than what she wrote in her memoir. So why should I believe that her book is straight forward and honest? If I were in his shoes I'd probably call her out on her contradiction as well.

Furthermore, Gov. Brewer is the one with the picture of her wagging her finger at him, so how and why could she feel and say in the same explanation that she was not being hostile or disrespectful, and then say that she was threatened and calling him thin-skinned? A normal reaction to being threatened is to be hostile and to call the President "thin-skinned" because YOU contradicted yourself  is being disrespectful!

You have to remember folks, this is the same person who couldn't even remember her own opening statement during a debate. When she was running for Governor, she not only made up a fact-less claim about immigrant beheadings, that she even admitted were wrong, but couldn't even remember her opening remarks for the debate. When pressed about her claims by her opponent and the media after and during the debate, she changed the subject and even walked away from reporters.

Which brings me to another point. How can you: 1. "...believe that when we were in the conversation I was in the middle of a sentence and he walked away." 2. Walk away from reporters when they are asking you about your own statements, that you later admit were wrong. How can you BELIEVE that someone walked away from you? Either he did or he didn't! On top of that, why would you even say that when you have a history of ACTUALLY doing the thing you "BELIEVE" happened to you?

I'm sorry Gov. Brewer, you are either a huge liar, or you are losing your mind on camera!

What this all boils down to...

I've given you some basic points about how and why I feel that this was a publicity stunt to grab a campaign photo, but to shamelessly plug a book that doesn't deserve the paper that it's on. But, like always, I want to take this one step further.

It is well documented that the right-wing of this country does not like anything the President does or says, no matter what it is. When he killed Osama Bin Laden, they gave credit to Bush. When he saved the auto industry, they didn't even say anything! Unemployment is going down, they claim that it was because of the business cycle. Just to name a few. There is nothing this man can do to unify this country, even when he uses the same crazy conservative ideas and rhetoric. This "confrontation" is just another moment that the right-wing can claim a small insignificant victory. To me though, that victory is a lose, especially when it put in context to the things that they say and believe.

There is a good portion of this country who don't like him because of his race. They believe that he isn't an American born citizen. They believe that he isn't even using his real name. They call him a socialist, communist, Nazi, Kenyan operative, to say the least. Every administration takes critical heat, but there is real fear and skepticism about the first black President that is showing it's ugly head as we further journey down this election year.

One thing that I've personally noticed about the right, through my many, many debates and confrontations with them, is their covert racism and use of coded words. Like, when Rick Santorum was talking about not wanting to help black people by giving them someone else's money (Which wasn't even coded, he couldn't even believe that he said it!), or the continued Ronald Reagan term "welfare queens," or the idea that the poor are poor because they are lazy. When the right is talking about the poor, we usually can tell who they are talking about, just from the stereotypes that they are using with their claims. President Obama has done almost everything the right-wing would ask of a President in the situation that he inherited, even to the dismay and disapproval of his base. Still, they will take any and every opportunity to take racial shots at him to make THEIR base know who is in charge.

I remember when the Tea Party was getting attention they would always chant, "WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!" You want your country back from who? The black guy who is doing your bidding, or from the banks, corporations or wealthy individuals who co-opted your group and made you into an irrelevant, uninformed, political gimmick?

This most recent episode and the comments and innuendo's surrounding it, is making their racial point clear. Jan Brewer was sending a coded message to her base. She was saying that she has the "ovaries" to walk up to the Commander and Chief, wag her finger, and stand up for all the racist policies you they believe in. After all, he is only a skinny black man and has helped all of his friends become dependent on him and his government. And he wants to do more! He wants to take all of your freedom away and replace it with Hitler style, social experiments and agendas! Vote for me, because I wrote a book that lied about what he said and I have a picture looking like WE are in charge!

The details of my former comments may be different depending on who you are talking to, but the premise of what I am saying is true. The reason why the right uses coded language, shameless book plugs and photo ops, and deflects anything that has to do with racism as non-racism, is because they are racist and so are their policies. Plan and simple.

Through history, racist people have used made up stereotypes, social, and scientific falsehoods to make minorities, especially blacks and Native Americans, second rate citizens. (Seriously people, during the slavery era, black people where valued less than animals and during the colonial era, Native Americans were viewed as savage barbarians who didn't deserve the land that was theirs! It wasn't that long ago.) Right now, right-wing policies will end up making people such citizens again. Whether its attacking women's rights, or forcing the poor to choose work over education, the income inequality, they don't have to come out and implicitly state what their intentions are, it is in the direct results of their ideas. In a time when the right-wing has turned so radical that they are loosing power and tangibility with society and reality, shamelessness is all they have left to make their point and final power grab.

I am a strong advocate for sticking up for what you believe in, especially when it helps us as a human society progress into the future, no matter what your ideology maybe. But there are certain ideas that we should be in agreement with in order for that to happen. I will get into the others as the blog and podcast progresses, but racial and social equality are one of the biggest ones. Without the understanding that humans are humans, no matter what racial or ethnic background you may have, we won't be able to have a open and honest discussion about any other issue that we may face in the near future.

No matter who are President is, we need to all work together to somehow to tackle our issues and figure out a way to progress for the good of future generations. Without some of those same sacrifices in the past, we might have still had slavery and women still might not have any rights at all.

Face it, our President is black. And unless the Republicans can come up with REAL solutions to our nations problems instead of pandering to their easily scared, racist, religious base, our President will continue to be black. No shameless book plug from a crazy old lady is going to stop or change that!