A Letter To The Pro-Lifers

Dear Pro-Life Community,

I write you this letter in the utmost hope that we can come to some kind of understanding or agreement. Though we differ in ideology, our end result is somewhat shared. I do not speak for everyone who is fighting this political battle, nor do I want to try and convert you to our way of thinking. I just want to make some points abundantly clear as to why we view this issue the way we do and why we are going to inevitably win.

The first and main point that I would like to make, is that pro-choice doesn't mean that someone is pro-abortion, it means that they are PRO-CHOICE! It is ironic and hypocritical how the same ideological group that is the quickest to rant and rave about freedom, liberty and chant USA, is always the first to try and put a rights denying initiative on state and local ballots. I am not attacking you, so please don't get defensive. Part of what comes with freedom is the realization and acceptance of the fact that people are going to choose to do something that you wouldn't do, considering that there is already legal precedent stating that this not only legal, but a medically safer alternatives than have been used in the past and currently now in the present when there isn't any access to such procedures.

I will be the first to slightly agree that sex shouldn't be as prevalent as it is in our culture. But, with any kind of freedom, there are a vast array of decisions that must be made somewhat responsibly or the consequences of those decisions may be too much for certain individuals to handle. That unfortunately is the price of freedom. As much as we would like for every single person in our society to work in a way for it to work for us all, the ability to maintain or enforce that form of rule is a physical impossibility, not to mention the completely opposite intention of the founders of our nation. So, shouldn't we write our laws that enable people who live life just like you, that you have never seen or will never know, who may have had an accident, made a mistake, was forced to have sex, by a member of their own family, or who might die if they carry the pregnancy any further, the right to be able to go to a licensed, professional doctor to do, an already excruciating mental and physical procedure as safe and accessible as possible to better or save that persons life? A long winded question, I know. But, that doesn't lessen the severity of the contemplation of or importance of the enforcement of it's premise and in turn, makes us actually be the freedom loving, egalitarian society you proudly claim to be when you chant USA.

Any attempts to hinder the legal precedent that is already written into law, is not only again hypocritical but quite frankly, the direct opposite of freedom.

A good number of your community want to strip abortion rights due to religious affiliation and belief. Honestly, I can understand why people within the different denominations believe that their faith forces them to oppose these rights. Fortunately, the first amendment of our Constitution emphatically states that we all have the freedom of religious expression, which also includes the right to express no religion at all. Even though I choose to believe in the latter, I wholeheartedly respect your right to believe what you may. Furthermore, although you may feel that you are doing God's will and testament here on Earth, in a free and democratic society, people have the right to feel otherwise and choose to have different religious, moral, and medical beliefs then you. The passage of your laws would be struck down as unconstitutional for being in violation of first amendment rights.

Also, the passage of your laws would have monumentally negative affects of the lives of the women and families who would have to deal with the affects of not being able to have access to the procedure. The harm that lack of access would have would be worse than the intended effects. Not everyone can or does believe what you believe! If you feel that strongly in your befliefs, than apply it to your life and your family! Do the will of God for yourself and don't worry about the millions and billions of other people that you don't and will never know when it comes to this issue. (Note: Any politician or political group who advocates the abolishment of these rights probably shouldn't be elected into office or policies be passed into law. Why would you vote for someone who is advocating writing, passing and enacting an unconstitutional, massively unwanted law?)

Surprisingly, there are issues that we may agree on. Pregnancy is where human live does begin. After a certain period of time a human life has been formed, preparing and waiting to be born. Speaking for myself, I share the belief that late-term abortions are morally and ethically wrong and should be illegal. But, since the ability to have an abortion is already a law and the procedure is a way safer alternative than the rest, given there is access and funded, licensed medical personnel, shouldn't the political battle instead be when it's too late to have an abortion? Which, first should be legislated through the states to see what may or should work one day on a federal level, if at all?

The beloved founding fathers, through all of their human flaws and vices, constructed the framework for a nation that would have to be changed and amended for the times and social consensus. Unfortunately for your cause, your argument lacks the constitutionality and voter consent to legally become a law. This goes for a broad number of the religious backed political agendas you may be promoting. I am not professing that we're right and you're wrong, or I am more patriotic or moral than you. I am simply reminding you that we are trying to promote as much freedom for as many people as we can while you sadly, are not. The implementation of your laws would be the "big government" policies that you fervently protest against and claim is one of our main ambitions.

Eventually, for more reason that I haven't even mentioned, your battle will become a losing one. We are all guided by our different faiths and belief systems. That is what makes our country one of the greatest even though we have many more pressing issues that need to be addressed and resolved. For this issue, from this letter and the message that I stand for, it is one of my dying wishes that we can work together to create a more perfect union, where rights are not trampled on, monies are not squandered, and lives are not wasted, so we all can obtain life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness no matter what our social, economic or religious status' are. Our values, morals, and beliefs will differ, but our quest for those unalienable rights are shared. Don't try to take them away from us, and we won't try and take them away from you. We should be trying to ensure more rights for more people because that is what our government was made for.

Respectfully Sent,

John Pennymon