If You Are Demonizing Women You Might As Well Spit In Your Mother's Face

I'm extremely disappointed with the rhetoric I'm hearing from people who are supposed to be the "best and brightest" in our country when it comes to the rights and healthcare of women. They've been talking to people like they don't have a mother, sister or daughter. Well I hate to break it to those individuals, but you wouldn't exist without those women, so you might want to watch your tone.

Whether it's about the defunding of Planned Parenthood, calling a child conceived from rape a gift, their economic, social and political inequality, and now the ability to serve our country, why is it that the only people who have the ability to continue the human race still have to deal with these stifling regulations with their own life?

As a black man in this country, I'm double offended by the tone the conservative side of the aisle has had by not only demonized my whole community, but the women who literally worked to death to make us strong, productive and positive members of society. The first thing they want to say about the black community is that we have not family values. Well I'm sorry rich white man who probably never had a real conversation with someone from the black community, but have you met my mother or my grandmother. I'd gather that you probably haven't, because they wouldn't even begin to take any of your assessments into consideration, and quite possibly will teach you a think or two about humility. Or if you piss them off, they will get the belt and teach you a thing or two about discipline! Even to this day, whenever I make decisions I consider the things that I was taught from the strongest people I've ever known. Forget Jesus, what would my MOTHER do!

I am outraged by the sexist, hateful demeanor of the cowards who want to call themselves men who think that they have some divine superiority into the rights and lives of other human beings who have the right to these privileges and services that only can be applied to them. Wait. That is the problem isn't it? They think they have divine superiority.

The reason why I'm not religious is because growing up the things that I was being told didn't add up to the things that I was observing. First and foremost that the creator was a man. From my understanding of the world at the time, a man couldn't create live. They could surely give out a helping hand, but life was being formed in the womb of a woman. Hell, we even call our planet mother Earth! So how can these men have so much power and control over the group who not only brought them into this world, but loved and cared for them when no one else could or would?

The other problem that I saw was that women had no power or responsibility within the congregation but to come and look as pretty as they could. Which presented another contradiction to me. How could the person who is the most active in forming my piousness not be able to have another responsibilities besides making me go to church, or pay attention, or to WAKE UP? I've been told it's tradition, I've been told its God's will, but I've drawn the conclusion that it's bullshit!

I'm starting to understand what the problem with a lot of this conservative backlash on women actually is. Men (white men generally), are starting to lose out on the power and control that they once had. There is nothing more threatening to a man than a strong independent woman who can play their game better than them. Not allowing them access to women's health services will keep them where they think they belong. Not allowing them the ability to serve their country just like a man will keep them in the jobs that they feel they should have. I hate to break it to you guys, but this is a new era, things are changing, and personally I LIKE IT!

The most telling thing about these men, who are willing to set women back a hundred years with their draconian proposals, is how they react to the "what if" questions about the women in their lives. Rick Santorum and Ron Paul recently made asses of themselves on TV by glossing over the questions when they were asked. But those reporters need not ask those questions. You should already gather what they would do to their own daughter, mothers, sisters, and even their wives (Well maybe not their wives because they would never get sex again!). They want to put them back in their place.

I'm sorry, but I could never walk up to my mother and tell her that she doesn't have the right to take care of her own bodies because some ridiculous archaic religious doctrine from thousands of years ago said that she couldn't. 1. Because she would probably smack the sense right back into my body. 2. Because that is my mother and I want her to live as long and as healthy as possible.

The next time you hear a poor example of a man say anything ridiculous about women's rights and health. Just imagine your mother lying on the hospital steps dead and alone because you wanted to vote for some asshole who wants to protect religious freedom and sexist tradition.