Diary of a mad black college football coach

There has been a big debate about race and the firing of Colorado University football coach Jon Embree. Some are saying that he was fired because of his losing record and some are crying race. I think that people are foolish for both reasons and here's why:

Lets talk about the elephant in the room first. For those who are saying that he was fired because of his race, they aren't analyzing the situation completely. Jon Embree (to me at least) wasn't emotional because he was fired, he was emotional because he knows the percentage at which a black coach gets re-hired as head coaches in college football. He came to do a job and he didn't do very well and that is obvious and documented. Although he didn't succeed as a head coach on his first try, the facts are that he has little or no chance at getting a second shot. He wasn't fired because of his race, he was fired because he was losing, but his firing has other indirect ramifications. That is the issue.

For those that are saying that he was fired because his losing record, they aren't completely analyzing the situation either. Winning is the reason why any coach is hired, so if they aren't performing the way they are expected it is understandable why you would want to let them go. But, there are a lot of factors that go into determining if a college football coach isn't worth firing not even half way through his contract. He wasn't able to actually form his own complete team recruiting wise. He wasn't able to build veterans in the program that he was trying to implement with the recruits that he did have.
It wasn't like Colorado was an elite team and then all of a sudden under Emree's lead they all of a sudden collapse. The last coach, Dan Hawkins, was there for 4 years and was 16-33. 2-10 was his worst season and 6-7 his best. He didn't do a good job but I'm sure we may see him running another program sometime in the future.

The bottom line is that the problem with Jon Embree getting fired is that he may now not have a chance to become a head coach again and putting spotlight on the situation may pave the way for change in the culture in college football. I'm not going to sit here and rant about "the man" but if something like this is notable to the point where a coach is going to cry at the interview and talk about what minority coaches understand when they are hired on as head coaches, then I think there should be a conversation about it and then subsequent action to correct it.

The thing that I would like people to take away from this is that there are barriers that are always going to need to be broken as we progress through time and our culture and society changes. This is one of those barriers that needs to be destroyed. My point is basic, but something so simple should be so easy to fix right? There needs to be a diverse group of coaches for a diverse group of athletes. 

I feel for you coach Embree. I hope this spotlight brings some change. Spearhead it well because a lot of coaches are depending on you.

Here is a clip from ESPN:

Do you think Coach Embree deserved to be fired after only 2 seasons?