It's been awhile.. I know and I'm sorry.

Are you a 20 something like me? Have you been working really hard to find your place in this society and world so you can live the life that you think your parents had? Has that not really been working out the way you've wanted it to? Good! Then I don't have to feel as bad then. (Just kidding, I feel horrible for letting life slap me around like a cheesy lifetime movie husband.)

All jokes aside. Life has gotten the better of me the past year and I was trying to make too many moves way too fast. The one thing I love about myself is also one of my major flaws, I know what I want and I want it now! Although that mentality may seem to work for Wall Street and most major corporations in the world, it doesn't seem to work for a young father of two, who is still working retail, who aspires to be the black liberal Rush Limbaugh of the airwaves, making $20 million a year being a voice for the millennial generation.

I've had to force myself to remember that I need to start small and I need to start somewhere and that I've had a "small and started somewhere" blog for a year that I haven't written on nor maintained in about that same amount of time. For my absence, neglect, and the ability to not control my ambition, I am sorry and from this day forth I will do everything within my power to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

So... what should you guys expect from me?

Anyone who personally knows me knows that I have something to say about literally almost everything. Granted, this may annoy the hell out of most of you, I pride myself in the fact that I expose myself to a lot of things that this world has to offer. I mean seriously, who wants to be friends with a person who only talks and knows about the same thing their whole life? So, if I have the time to sit behind this raggedy desktop computer that barely works because I work retail and can't afford another one, I'm going to write a piece or two. That way I can expose you to the world that I've been exposed to and maybe we can expose each other and become the generation that is the beacon of hope that this world so desperately needs.

As for the podcast... sigh.

Look. As ambitious as I am. As wholeheartedly as I want to be a talk radio/podcast show host. The way I was doing it before was draining, time consuming, scheduling conflicting, and not at all beneficial to the financial aspirations that I am trying to achieve. So, I'm going to do Blog Talk Radio. Where basically, The Pennymon Doctrine will be an online radio show that has a certain day and hour that it's on and you can listen live, call in, or even participate in the chat room. On top of that, the show automatically archives as a podcast that I will still post on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and of course right here on the blog. That way I can still do my rants on the living wage and out of touch racist conservatives but actually get your feedback! (LOL.. you thought I was gonna say I was quittin' huh? PSSH.. NEVER!) I'm also going to try and beautify this place up a bit. The site is a bit humdrum and that just ain't me!

I wasn't born to work retail my whole life. It's been time for me to awaken my potential but do it in a paced calculated way. So starting this morning, I am going to give this branding/content providing/new age punditry enterprise my 100% all. No more excuses. Strap in tight, because we are about to go for a hell of a ride!