What is a millennial and why we should tell our parents and grandparents to go f**k themselves!

It's hard to actually define what a millennial is. Basically, if you are a child from parents of the late part of the baby boom generation or a child of the generation X, you're a millennial. Age wise, you're between the ages of around 18 to 35, or as I like to call us: the future. In the next 15-25 years we are going to be the ones who are going to be in charge of our planet.

You would figure by how much some of our parents and grandparents spoil and shelter us, that they are actively getting the world ready for our reign. But, too often enough we are considered lazy, self-centered, impulsive, self-indulgent, unfocused, and that's just to name a few. If you look at the state and direction of our country, economy and government, I'm having a hard time listening to what our "elders" have to say.

"Respect your elders." "Listen to the wisdom of your elders." Blah, blah, blah!

At this stage in the game, I could care less what my elders have to say. Although, I am grateful and thankful for most of the things they have been able to accomplish for our society and planet, such as civil rights, science, and technology, I can't get over the fact how narrow minded and stuck in their ways they still continue to be. This wouldn't be such a problem if they weren't actively trying to legislate every single issue they have an outdated view on.

When it comes to homosexuality, most millennials don't really care. When it comes to abortion, millennials not only don't really care but also see the societal and medical benefits of it no matter how we view it personally. When it comes to foreign policy and war, most millennials not only don't know or understand what the hell is going on over there, we don't really care what they do, so why bomb them? Also, to be noted, most of the movements in that part of the world have been started from by people the same age as millennials. Not to mention the biggest dividers between the generations of all, drugs. I mean seriously, I don't have to even write anything about that one.

Now, the issue that I'm having the hardest time understanding, is how we, the millennials, continue to let this old, senile, out of touch generation continue to make our rules and control our lives when they don't even understand our current society and where it's headed. Still, some of the people my age that I talk to either want  nothing to do with politics, government, or the future of our planet, or just repeat what their parents or grandparents have told them and have no actually opinion or idea of  what the hell they are talking about. In order for things to start making sense and start going our way, (considering that their generation only has about 10-20 years of relevance left), we need to start paying attention and getting involved now. I mean right now!

I did a little bit of research. With this last congress that we just had the displeasure of dealing with, the average age in the senate was about 62.2 years old, and they were comprised of mostly rich old grumpy ass white men. The average age in the house of representatives was about 56.7 years old, also made up of mostly rich, old, grumpy ass, white men, although the house is a bit more diverse in age, race and gender. So, you're going to tell me, that these old people, who don't even understand what Twitter is and how to use it properly, are going to be the one who write and pass laws about what we can and can't do on or with the internet? Are you fucking kidding me?

It's funny how you can trace back the decline of our current economy to the presidency of one Ronald Wilson Reagan. His presidency began in 1981, about 32 years ago. Oh, how convenient! Since his presidency, the idea of supply side economics has been the law of American economics (which doesn't work). We fight invisible made up enemies that our parents and grandparents have been afraid of since they were children (which is a waste of time, money, and young lives). We have a war on drugs that our government wages on it's own country, and then have a war on poverty (which is usually waged against the poor and minorities) at the same time, targeting the same people. We still live in a country where a woman is considered a second class citizen and a minority is considered inhuman (which is used to justify why the spend money on the former point). I could go on for hours.

I don't know about you, but I've had enough with the way our elders want to do things. They've had their chance to run the show and they haven't done a very good job. It's no wonder why they think we are lazy, self-centered, impulsive, self-indulgent, unfocused, and that's just to name a few. They still think it's 1965. The "good ol' days." When their elders thought the same of them. Only now, we have instant access to information. We can communicate with the world at the click of a mouse. We aren't blinded by our preconceived notions. Hell, one us of us tricked even the old, rich, grumpy ass, white men at Wall Street to pay $104 billion dollars for a website where people post the dumbest shit in the world, to the world.

"But we don't know what we are doing huh?" John replied with sass and snark.

For real guys, it's seriously time for us to take the world away from our parents and grandparents. They mean well, but are seriously ruining any chance of us having a future where we don't have to clean up a very preventable mess. I have kids and I actually want the world to be a better place for them, not so much me. So the next time your parents try to tell you about the struggles they had growing up, or how lazy and what not you are. Tell them to go fuck themselves because we are about to take over and show them how to really run shit before they die!*

*Don't really tell your parents or grandparents to go fuck themselves. I know a lot of you still live with them because they screwed the economy up and we can't afford to live on our own. Choose your battles wisely. But, I think you get the point. ; )


  1. Good piece. Philosophical/sociological ramblings are much better than political ones...


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