Thank You For Hanging In There With Me

 In the year and a half since I founded 'The Pennymon Doctrine,' I've created a seemingly successful blog and podcast that started off great and then had unexpected changes. Most of those changes were due to my living situation while I was living in California. It's hard to post blog pieces and shows when you don't have access to a computer, your recording equipment is in boxes, and more importantly, no internet connection.

 I got back on my feet a bit and revamped the brand with a new host, a new show format, and tons of content to dig through on Facebook. Even though I knew that my time with Marissa was going to be short, because of her being on summer vacation from school, I pressed on thinking things would work themselves out and I could keep everything going and consistent. Then, I had to move again. At that point, I decided to give my brainchild up until I was fully on my feet and stable.

I ended moving from California back to my hometown of Cleveland, OH. Here, I've been able to actually stabilize my life a bit. Granted, I've made some serious mistakes that has kept me from being exactly where I want to be, but I'm doing a hell of a lot better to say the least. Being home has given me the time, space and piece of mind to figure out and realize what I need to do for myself, my children, and my planet. That of course, is my third favorite creation: 'The Pennymon Doctrine.' I've met so many wonderful people and have had so many awesome conversations, that I feel that it's time to get back into the ring and get back into the fight. The fight to provide you with an alternative point of view in a world of black vs. white.

What should you expect from me

It seems like I say this every six months or so, but I'm literally doing everything on my own. I can have all the dreams and aspirations in the universe, but if I can't pay rent to stay in one place, or buy the equipment I need to properly produce a show, all  I have is just dreams and aspirations. I am by no means complaining, making excuses, nor asking or begging for money or assistance (Even though that would be absolutely amazing!), I am just simply stating that I do have goals for myself, my life, and my businesses. Sometimes those goals aren't met, so sometimes you need to start over and explain yourself again.

All mental bickering aside, you can expect the same thing you should always expect from me. A Hard-hitting, real, passionate, no BS, alternative view of the world. I'm going to take the rants that have been on my personal Facebook page to my 'Pennymon Doctrine' page. I'm going to write on the blog consistently hopefully on a new site, and most importantly, I'm going to be back on the airwaves with 'The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast' 3.0.

The Podcast

Blogging comes with the territory when someone creates a podcast, or has a lot to say about, well, anything! I like blogging, but I'd rather speak my ideas and points. It's faster and I'm funny as hell, so I'm pretty entertaining. The issue is, I'm a perfectionist and want things to be exactly the way I envision it in my head.

The other issue that I run into is that I have been afraid of doing my show solo because I was afraid that my audience wouldn't want to hear just from me. Which got me thinking: JOHN, THE SHOW IS CALLED THE DAMN PENNYMON DOCTRINE! WHY WOULDN'T YOUR AUDIENCE WANT TO HEAR FROM JUST YOU?

So, I've decided that I am going to stop being a perfectionist, stop worrying about how other view the format and just go for it. I don't have a tentative date, but 'The Pennymon Doctrine Podcast' will be back on air as soon as I feel ready hosted by none other than John "J-One" Pennymon!


If you've been with me from day one, you've seen posts and statuses such as this all of the time. Again, no excuses, but I'm an Aeries, which in my view is the most ferocious of the fire signs. It also means that I'm all over the place. (If you've heard the show before you can gather that fact as well.) But, one thing has remainded the same. I love my brainchild like I love my actual children. I may have give it space, or I may have to let it go in order to survive in this hell we call reality, but I will never leave it and I will never forget about you guys.

Thank you for hanging in there with me, I promise that one of these days I'm going to stop being my own worse enemy and get this thing right. When I do, I will have you to thank. So get ready guys, we are about to take over the world!