Our Country Is Headed To Ruin And The Republicans Are The Leaders Of The Demise!

I'm pissed off! I've never been so ashamed to be an American citizen since we preemptively started two wars in the Middle East. This time, we aren't attacking perceived insurgents in a hostile region of the world, we are attacking our own people. Not for power, or wealth, or land, but for a stupid political point that doesn't make any sense. Yes friends, there is ONE political party that is willing to destroy the fabric of our whole society just to not let our first black President seem effective. They are willing to hurt millions of American people, the soldiers, the veterans, and other government agencies to stop a health insurance law that is going to help those same people mentioned before. Just thinking about the brinkmanship tactics of this party is making me want to write this whole post in caps.

Don't worry, I wouldn't do that.

The past few days the Republican party has been itching to show the country and the world how much the are douche bags. Thursday night they Republican led House of Representatives passed a bill to the Senate that would subsequently cut $39 billion dollars from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which feeds millions of needy Americans who can not afford groceries and qualify for the program. The reasoning for this is unclear. Some how these assholes believe that by taking the source of energy that sustains life, poor Americans are going to have the energy to go out and get a low wage job that doesn't allow them to afford... groceries. (Because that makes sense!)

The turd nuggets will have you believe that the program is "ballooning out of control" and that they need to stop "fraud and waste." Well, the reason why the program has qualified more recipients over the last 5 years is because of a 2008 economic crisis that happened under Republican control, under a Republican President, because of Republican cuts to regulation of the financial industry. Basically, they took a fat shit in your house, blamed it on you, and then took away all of your cleaning supplies and then complain that you live in a shit filled house. The worst part about it, is that a good portion of the country agrees with what they are doing. But, that's not even the worst part.

Today, the House is voted on a government spending bill that had a provision slipped in that wants to defund the Affordable Care Act passed by Congress in 2010. In layman, they attached a stupid ass provision that the Democrats are definitely not going to sign off on, on a bill that funds the government. They are going to stop any government payments of any kind domestically. This is not only going to do major damage to the American people, considering that the people this will affect have NOT recovered from the recession still, but it will also affect the global market as well.

I can't believe, that a party that swears up and down that this is the greatest country on earth and ordained by God, would childishly pull such a prank at a time in our history and economy that would do irreparable damage to EVERYONE, including the world. I'm so fucking pissed I almost can't stand thinking about it anymore.

But, I will. I have to. We have to change this!

This is what is imperative to understand. The Affordable Care Act isn't the savior of our nations health problems. It was a piece of a solution to do SOMETHING about our failing health system. We really should have done more. But, let the Republicans tell it, this is the worst possible thing that could have ever happened in our legislative history (That's not hyperbolic at all... but whatever). They say this law is going to make premiums skyrocket (It won't). They say that it is an attack on freedom and liberty (It isn't). They say that it is going to lead to government intrusion (It can't). Wait a second.. do you know what this law is starting to sound like?


Hear me out.

Under President Bush, they ALLOWED 19 plane hijacking terrorists to fly 3 planes into 3 buildings with 1 of them crashing in a field. Because of this, Congress passed the most Draconian "national security" law this country has ever seen (NOT hyperbole). Soon after they gave themselves almost unlimited war powers, we started a preemptive war with Afghanistan, who's government NEVER claimed responsibility and was actually trying to cooperate with the American government to find the group responsible. After not really even doing anything in the country to find the "group responsible", and killing more of our own troops than anything else, the Bush Administration claimed that Saddam Hussein was also a threat because he has "weapons of mass destruction." These weapons were never found, but the administration proceeded to give Hussein a one sided ultimatum anyway and started ANOTHER war.

Meanwhile, the housing market was starting to create a debt bubble that was soon going to burst. During the early 2000's, Bush signed the American Dream Act, which basically told banks to help Americans get homes no matter what! So, the banks started giving people who couldn't afford them "sub-prime" (which means BELOW WHAT THE FUCK REASONABLE PEOPLE SHOULD DO!) mortgage loans. Eventually, those loans were going to default because they shouldn't have been given out in the first place. This led to a domino effect in the market (As well as other financial tricks and schemes that were taking place. Google: Credit Default Swap) which led to the worst economic disaster since the great depression. Unemployment skyrocketed almost immediately, and thus the "food stamp" rush began.

During the 2008 Presidential run-up, healthcare was a major issue during the campaign. Candidate Obama vowed that he was going to do something about it. Granted, he didn't do everything that he promised, he got Congress to unite enough to pass the Affordable Care Act. During the debate though, the Republicans tried to make the bill seem like it was going to be the worst thing ever conceived (Sound familiar... oh wait.. They are still doing the same thing as of today.) Again, the law doesn't go far enough, but it address things that the American people actually wanted: Affordable rates, no pre-existing conditions, just to name the notable. NOT WAR! NOT FINANCIAL SUICIDE! AND IT'S ALREADY LAW!

So like I was saying, what the Republicans are complaining about is NOT the Affordable Care Act, because the American actually wants that whether they know it or not. They are technically, projecting indifference to their own fucked up, domestic spying, unlimited war power having, extremely unconstitutional law, The P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act. That law has made insurance premiums skyrocket by causing untold mental and physical health problems to not only our troops but our contractors as well and many of them do not have health insurance. That law literally takes away our freedoms and liberty (and the 4th amendment). That law led to literal government intrusion! (Remember Edward Snowden much?)

So why all of a sudden are we supposed to listen to these ass-hats about a law and a program that actually does something for the American people and addresses the issues that millions of us deal with? I don't know about you, but I could give a fuck about what these guys say. They don't care about the American people, they care about their American (And foreign) campaign donors. They don't care about feeding the poor, they care about feeding their donors. They don't care about your access to health, they only care about not letting Obama and the Democrats leave a historic legacy of immense, positive, and game-changing proportions (In my opinion).

They lost the election and control of Congress in 2008. They lost the health insurance debate. They won back control of the House of Representatives on a jobs platform but they've NEVER introduced a jobs bill. They lost the election in 2012. Now, they are going to lose this battle too, but at what expense. The Republican party is doing a political Kamikaze and talking the whole country with it.

If you're not as pissed as I am right now, you either should be or you are a part of the problem and shame on you too. This isn't a game. Even though the Republicans are playing us like one. I won't stand for it. Will you?